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I have latest UES version
For example I use 1251 ANSI.
ANSI_1251.PNG (14.29 KiB) Viewed 501 times

When I go to column mode - code page is changing and font size also.
ANSI_1251_column.PNG (12.73 KiB) Viewed 501 times

When I use Unicode - changed only font size!

I have miss any setting?
Thank you for advice.
Yes, you missed to configure the font for hex/column mode which of course can be the same font with same font size as for normal text editing mode if the font is a fixed width font.

With using the ribbon interface click on ribbon tab View on triangle below Fonts on left side and click in opened popup menu on Set hex/column mode font. Such a menu item exists also in menu View on using toolbar/menu mode with contemporary or traditional menus.

There are different settings for normal text editing mode and hex/column mode as in normal text editing mode a proportional font can be also used while in hex mode and in column mode the font must be a fixed width font. Programmers use usually in all modes a monospaced font, best a fixed pitch font on using also font styles bold and italic. For example HTML writers use a proportional font in normal text editing mode and need rarely the column mode and most likely never the hex editing mode.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you Mofi!
It is a pity that Set hex/column mode font doesn't has option like "Use normal mode font and size".
Because if I change font size by Ctrl+Scroll in normal mode and switch to column mode I will see text with different font size.

Thank you again.
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