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Display customization and font issues
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I'm working on a new theme and I've been trying to match up the Manage Themes menu options to the XML in the theme file. While the Editor settings and the Syntax file settings are easy, the Application settings have proven to be more of an issue. There are 105 entries on the Drop Down menu when the Application style is Custom. There are 127 entries under application in the XML file. So it appears to me that the only way to set these additional options would be via direct editing of the XML file itself. There is an additional headache or two. One is that the names of the menu settings don't always tell you exactly what they change. Another is that the drop down menu choices don't exactly match the wording in the XML file. And some menu choices are only effective when not using a Windows Classic setting.

So I'm going to make a map/tutorial of what does what and I will post it when I am finished.

There are 146 total menu settings, plus the 22 not on the menu, plus 22 of the settings are gradients, plus all of the 25 entries under the Syntax tab in the menu have foreground and background colors. That means if you totally go nuts (and make your eyes hurt) you can have 215 different colors in an UltraEdit window displaying one language. Add 50 more per additional languages you show in any split or cascaded windows.
So I got home and fired up my personal copy of UE which is current, unlike the version at work which is still running 21.20. I found that there are several more values available dealing with the Ribbon menus.
Such a map is definitely interesting for those who want to create a theme for UltraEdit/UEStudio.

Perhaps it is a help for you to have a special syntax highlighting for *.ue-theme files of UltraEdit/UEStudio and also UltraCompare.

I have created once for myself a wordfile for syntax highlighting *.ue-theme files and share it now by uploading it as attachment.


Best regards from Austria
Thanks, Mofi. The syntax file works great. I working on this in my spare time now at home. I should get a large chunk done this weekend as I'm not as much of a sports fan as I used to be.
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