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Help with writing and playing macros
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Something happened to some key mappings.

I had some macros configured and mapped to keys
Some of them are now mapped to "I don't know what".

For example ALT 9, now seems to activate a template. If I delete that template, ALT 9 activates some other template.

If I view uedit64.shortcuts.txt it says ALT 9 is mapped to "User Template 9" Where it used to be my macro.

1) What is causing the ALT 9 have this behaviour?
2) Is there a key sequence that can delete a macro and put that mapping in this other mode?

This is the second time it has happened.

Thanks for your help!
Do you have the macro file with 1 or more macros with hotkey(s) configured to be automatically loaded on startup of UltraEdit?
Or do you have at least loaded manually the macro file with the macro(s) with the hotkey(s)?
Best regards from Austria
They load automatically.

All the other macros are still there, just a few have been mysteriously removed.

I can't see a way to map a key to a template, even if I wanted to.
UltraEdit macros are stored compiled in binary format in a macro file. It is not possible that macros removed mysteriously. Possible reasons for new macros unexpected missing later:

  1. New macros recorded or added manually were not saved into a macro file before exiting UltraEdit.
  2. New macros recorded or added manually were saved into a different macro file than the macro file being configured for automatic load on startup.
  3. The macro file with the new recorded or manually added macros was overwritten with an older version of the macro file not containing the new macros like on using Backup/Restore User Customizations in UltraEdit which included the automatically loaded macro file in an older version.
  4. The macro file is corrupt which results in no macro from this macro file is loaded at all and UltraEdit shows an appropriate error message.
Hotkeys and chords can be configured only for the first 50 global User Templates (0 to 49) in Key Mapping configuration dialog opened via Advanced - Settings/Configuration. But templates (any kind) are usually inserted by key by entering its name as explained in power tip Smart Templates.
Best regards from Austria
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