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When I open a text file first it was only loaded by some portion (1860h in hex mode) of the file.
I found out that if I try opening the same name file second time after copying the text file to another folder it opened fully.

Who can help me solve this problem?
I have to open text files twice because of this problem.
While the file is not opened anywhere, copy the file to a different folder. Open the copied file and make sure the file contents is right completely.

Delete the original file with Shift+DEL in Windows Explorer. Copy the before copied file back to original storage location where the file is currently missing.

Open the file from original location. Is it loaded completely as expected?

Yes, then delete the copy in the other folder.

Last you should open a command prompt window as administrator and enter the command:

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chkdsk C: /F

chkdsk is the check disk application of Windows. C: is the disk drive to check for file system integrity. /F is the option to fix automatically all found errors if possible. The Microsoft support article An explanation of the new /C and /I Switches that are available to use with Chkdsk.exe explains the check disk utility and where to see the report after check disk finished and Windows restarted (Event Viewer - Windows Logs - Application).

Execute this command by hitting key ENTER. A message appears that drive C: is currently in use and you are prompted if you want to run check disk tool on next boot of Windows. Confirm this prompt with Y and restart your windows.

Extra hint: If you can see several hard disk / file system related errors in Windows system or application log in event viewer, your hard disk is dying. In this case you should quickly buy a new one and clone the current hard disk to new one before hard disk stops working completely.
Best regards from Austria
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