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I am running Windows 10 x64. No UltraEdit installed yet.

Unsure which one to install, that is to say, what are the pros and cons of 32-bit over 64-bit, vice versa.

I know I can install either one of the versions in subject.
Also I know that the x64 version supports files of over 2 GB. Just checked, I have only 1 file that is 1,7 GB, all other files are below 1 GB.

Sometimes 32-bit applications seem to be preferred over the 64-bit versions, such as Office. But I think that has much to do with compatibility with older 32-bit plugins(?).

As for UltraEdit - I wouldn't know.

Any recommendations?


I'd choose a version appropriate to your OS. AFAIK x64 version should be a little faster. No other special features of x64 version have been mentioned in the IDM newsletter about version 22.20.

BR, Fleggy
I agree with everything written by Fleggy. Use on 64-Bit Windows the 64-bit version, except you have very special reasons not to do so. One special reason is using more than 1 computer whereby one is running 32-bit Windows and another one is running 64-bit Windows and all UltraEdit user configuration files including uedit32.ini should be easily exchangeable between the computers. There is no difference in features and capabilities. The 64-bit version is a little bit faster on 64-bit Windows mainly because of using native Windows and CPU resources without WOW64 (Windows on Windows) as Windows applies for 32-bit applications running on 64-bit Windows.
Best regards from Austria
@fleggy @mofi

Many thanks indeed. I will do so. I have no Windows 10 32-bit running. Both - VM and host - are Windows 10 x64.

Again, many thanks!
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