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Display customization and font issues
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Newbie question..

Say I want to change something in a theme (e.g. background color of clicked button)
After this change I have to save it, but what will happen with the default style?
I admit, I did not try it out: I want to be sure first.

I assume that the default style will/may -not- be 'overwritten' ?
So then amended theme will automatically be saved with another name.

For example: say, Slate.
I change something, then the changes may automatically be saved to Slate_01, or Slate_Custom01 or whatever other name, so I can always return to the default theme and delete the customized mess I might have created.

if I am not mistaken, the changes are saved in %appdata%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\themes\overrides\"Theme_Name".ue-theme and default theme is not altered
It's impossible to lead us astray for we don't care even to choose the way.
Thank you!

I assume the folder will then be created, once saving. I don't have a 'themes' folder relating to UltraEdit.
Probably the default themes (Charcoal, Classic, Espresso, Glitch, etc) are hard coded. I could not find a 'separate' single file with these names.

Anyway, thanks again.
The default themes are installed by UltraEdit installer to subdirectory default data\themes in program files directory of UltraEdit. Those theme files are never modified by UltraEdit itself, just by installer of UltraEdit. The files in this directory are write-protected according to standard Windows permissions on using default UltraEdit installation path and user account control not disabled for the current user.

So on modifying a default theme, UltraEdit can't modify the default theme file. For that reason UltraEdit creates in the directory of the INI file which is by default %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit a subdirectory themes where the user themes are saved by default after clicking in Manage Themes on + button and clicking on item Add new theme (create a new theme based on an existing theme) or Add existing theme (for importing a theme after downloading/copying from somewhere). In case of modifying a default theme another subdirectory with name overrides is created in subdirectory themes in directory of INI file. In this directory a *.ue-theme file is created with same name as default theme, but containing only settings being different from write-protected default theme.

Example directory trees on using standard installation path of 64-bit UltraEdit on default INI file location.

In "%ProgramFiles%\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit" there is:

  • default data

    • themes

      • Charcoal.ue-theme
      • Classic.ue-theme
      • Espresso.ue-theme
      • Glitch.ue-theme
      • Midnight.ue-theme
      • Modern Light.ue-theme
      • Slate.ue-theme
      • Sterling.ue-theme
      • Titanium.ue-theme
      • Twilight.ue-theme
In "%APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit" there is for example:

  • themes

    • overrides

      • Slate.ue-theme
    • Mofi.ue-theme
"%APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\themes" exists only if either a default theme was once modified or a user theme was once created or imported.

uew66, to prevent accidentally changing a configuration, it is possible to use Backup/restore user customizations and backup all respectively restore all your customizations. This feature can be found

  • on using Ribbon mode on ribbon tab Advanced in ribbon group Configure by clicking Backup Settings or clicking on down arrow below this item and next on popup menu item Backup/restore user customizations;
  • on using Toolbar/menu mode with Contemporary menus in main menu Advanced containing the submenu Backup Settings with the menu item Backup/restore user customizations;
  • on using Toolbar/menu mode with Traditional menus in main menu Advanced containing Backup/restore user customizations.
Resetting the entire user customization back to default can be easily achieved by deleting (or renaming) the directory default INI file location while no instance of UltraEdit is running and next starting UltraEdit.
Best regards from Austria
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