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The Mac FTP account manager seems to be very basic (compared to the Windows counterpart). Here are a few of the things that the Windows version has that would be great if they could be added to the Mac version:

  • Be able to specify the default remote directory
  • Remember the last path when opening another file from the same remote server
  • Display the full server/path in the title bar
Any chance of getting these features added? :)
The user-to-user forum is most likely the wrong place to ask this question, see top of this page.
Best regards from Austria
I emailed them directly. It appears two of the three requests are already supported. Here is their response, which is very helpful. Hope this helps other people :)

IDM support wrote: To set the starting directories for your FTP server, click the "Protocol" tab, and in the second drop down, select "Advanced."

FTP in UE Mac doesn't currently reload the last path when opening from the same server, but this is something that we will add support for in a future update.

You can display the full file path and name by going to UltraEdit -> Preferences -> Layout -> Misc and unchecking "Display file name only in document title."
Hi, I used UltraEdit for Windows up until version 11 or so, then I bought a Mac. The UltraEdit version did not exist until a few years later, so I've been curiously testing the betas / read changelogs to see its progress for the last years. I am now using Panic Coda for Mac, but due to slow upgrade rates I am considering going back to UltraEdit as the Mac version seem a bit more mature by now.

What I am missing is in e.g the account manager : Simply change order of which the accounts are listed. Seem as if right now you're enforced to get the "left" panel with accounts, listed in alphabetical order (only).
As I am working on multiple projects, I love the fact that I can go in an account > protocol > advanced and specify the local and remote paths my project is at. However, I would love for the FTP manager to be able to change order of the accounts on how I see fit for whatever I'm working on atm.

I also seem to remember I used the early versions of UltraEdit features for "projects", but as far as I can tell, it has not changed/improved a bit.
How about put some time into improving the project features. E.g a "welcome" screen with nice little tabs you can e.g place an image from the project you're working on, where configurable sized boxes/banners represents each of your project and preferably folders. (No 3d style, more like Windows 10 style with square simple and responsive navigation). Like with Panic Coda application for Mac, you can do this and its very easy shift in between multiple projects, where a main project have a main folder, then there are multiple sub projects inside, e.g "beta, release candidate, login, ...". And when you open a project, all files that were open last time you worked with this project, opens just as you left it last.

If you can feature these comments, I will not haste drop panic coda and go back to UltraEdit for Mac.


Hello Arvid!

Do you know that this is a user-to-user forum? I suggest to write one email per feature request to IDM support.

For the FTP account manager feature request with accounts listed sorted to your current needs instead of alphabetical order, I suggest to start the name of the top 8 accounts you currently use with 1 - 8 or with 01 - 10 for top 10 accounts.
Best regards from Austria
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