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Is there a hotkey to switch between different regular expressions in a search find menu. In older versions of UltraEdit, there was Alt+R to select the perl regex, Alt+U to select UE regex, but it doesn't work in the newer versions of UE/US as there is a drop down menu to choose between different regular expressions.

Is is possible somehow to assign hotkeys to do this? :|
List items can't have a mnemonic key assignment. So it is not possible to select the regular expression engine by Alt+...

The regular expression to use can be selected by keyboard only by pressing Alt+E to set input focus to Regular expressions and toggle this option which could require to press Alt+E or just E once more to enable it again, then key TAB or DOWN arrow key to move input focus to the list box and using DOWN/UP arrow keys to select the regular expression engine.
Best regards from Austria
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