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Display customization and font issues
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Just updated UEStudio from < ’14 to ’ and am having difficulties finding where I can change the background color of the editor windows based on file type / view highlighting file type.

This was previously accomplished in Configuration -> Editor Display -> Syntax Highlighting dialog but the dialog has changed in v’16.

Nothing in Themes seems to allow changing the editor window background color based on file type.


It is of course possible to change the syntax highlighting colors on tab Syntax in Manage Themes dialog introduced with UltraEdit for Windows v20.00 and UEStudio v14.00 opened

  • in ribbon mode by clicking on ribbon tab Layout in ribbon group Look and feel on Themes item (second from left) or on down arrow below Themes and next on popup menu item Manage themes,
  • in toolbar/menu mode with contemporary menus (the only toolbar/menu mode in UE v23.00 and v23.10 respectively UES v16.00 and v16.10) in menu Layout in submenu Themes on menu item Manage themes,
  • in toolbar/menu mode with traditional menus (available since UE v23.20 and UES v16.20) in menu View in submenu Themes on menu item Manage themes.
The big advantage in comparison to former color configuration dialogs is that each change is immediately applied to underlying windows even without clicking on button Apply or OK with magnifying glass button in bottom left-hand corner being enabled as by default.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for the reply but I’m looking for the screen background, not syntax background.

In the example attached, how do I change the white background of the edit window to an alternate color and how does this get saved with the file type? For example, light grey for C/C++ and light blue for python (file extension *.py)?


That is exactly what I have told you. In Manage Themes dialog on tab Editor the general document window colors are configured used by default for all files.

But you want to override the background color for specific file types. So you have to configure the syntax highlighting background colors of the language associated with the file extensions of the files which should be displayed with a different background color. This requires to select on tab Syntax for example language Python which is associated with files with extension PY and PYW, enable the check box item left of background color setting and define the background color. This must be done for all color groups of the language.

But the background colors of syntax highlighting language are applied only on text being syntax highlighted. The document window area with no text is still drawn with the Editor - Plain Text background color because first the document window rectangle is filled with plain text background color and next the text is written into this rectangle with the syntax highlighting colors.

There was never a configuration to change Editor (document window) colors depending on file extension. It would be necessary to switch to a different theme with a different background color defined on tab Editor for Plain Text on working currently with only *.py files.

As UltraEdit supports for HTML files syntax highlighting for multiple languages within one file, it is not really possible to fill the entire document window area first with background color of Normal Text of syntax highlighting language as which language to use: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript ASP?

What you want would require a new feature, a setting for file extension based Editor color scheme.

Currently available is only coloring the file tab of a file depending on file extension, see Advanced - Settings/Configuration - Application Layout - File Tabs - Colors.
Best regards from Austria
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