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Help with writing and running scripts
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I loaded some scripts, and the entries in the main menu are displayed with filenames:

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Is it possible to assign free, clear names like

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Comment out blocks
Add header to all files

UltraEdit 21.00 German / Win 7 x 64 Pro
UltraEdit 24 German / Win 10 x 64 Pro
There is currently (UE for Windows v24.00.0.56) only the possibility to rename file blockcomment.js to Comment out blocks.js and file header.js to Add header to all files.js.

A description can be entered for each script added to the script list (without or with hotkey/chord), but this description is only displayed in the dialog window for modifying the script list.

It would be perhaps a good idea to send a feature request email to IDM support for a Script List view context menu option to display either file name of script with hotkey/chord or alternatively the descriptions of the scripts. In case of no description specified for a script in script list, the view should show the file name (and hotkey/chord) with enabled showing the script descriptions.

Well, it would make also sense to do not show the file extension .js in menu and in Script List view. That could be also suggested by email to IDM support.
Best regards from Austria
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