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I have been using UEX 15.1 and recently noticed that UEX 16.1 had been released. I updated to this version, but I'm noticing that it's much slower to open files.
UEX 15.1 - < 1 second
UEX 16.1 - > 3 seconds

Is there some setting that needs to be changed, or is it really that much slower?

I'm currently running on RHEL - 6.8.

I'm using only UltraEdit on Windows. But I'm asking myself how should any UEX user answer your question without knowing encoding of opened file (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16), size of the file (a few KB or some MB or hundreds of MB or even some GB), the type of the file (XML, HTML, PHP, C/C++, JavaScript, or plain text), the used UEX configuration, the used syntax highlighting file if opened file is highlighted at all which is also responsible for function string searching, code folding, ..., which other libraries are installed used by UEX 15.1 and UEX 16.1 which make perhaps a difference, and much more? It is also unclear for me if < 1 respectively > 3 seconds is for starting UEX and opening a file or just for opening a file from within already running UEX.

So I suggest first to look on which features were added from UEX 15.1 to 16.1 to find out if there is a new feature which could make opening a file of ... (encoding, size, type, ...) slower in UEX 16.1 in comparison to UEX 15.1 and perhaps not needed by you. One main difference is themes support. The themed GUI makes starting UEX 16.x definitely slower than starting UEX 15.x with no themes support. It might make also opening a file in UEX a bit slower. I know that from UE for Windows where I'm using a very "puristic" theme to increase display updates dramatically in comparison to standard "stylish" themes.

My second suggestion is compressing a file opened by you and your entire configuration - I think stored in ~/.idm/uex/ - into a ZIP file and send this archive file with additional information (steps to reproduce, how you measured loading time, your exact OS version, etc.) to IDM support by email for evaluation of opening time by IDM using UEX 15.1 and 16.1.
Best regards from Austria
Fair enough...
These are very small text files <1k.

A custom syntax highlighting file is being used, but when I disabled this file it didn't impact the time it took to open.

The file opening delay happens when I call it from the command line: i.e. "uex <name of file>"
If I open the file from the GUI, it opens fast enough that I don't notice it. Unfortunately, in my day-to-day work the primary use case is when the editor is being called by an external program. The editor typically stays open and the command just swaps between open tabs. Previously it was quick, but now it's quite slow.

Generally, I'm willing to live with a slow start-up time. But once UEX is up and running, I expect that it should be able to open files up quickly. Calling uex a second time from the command line, should bypass the startup time and just open the file within the editor (as it used to do).

My question was more aimed at whether people were noticing a substantially different delay when opening files.

Your suggestion of contacting IDM is a good one, and I'll investigate this.

Multiple instances of UltraEdit can be running on Windows at the same time. Multiple configuration settings in uedit*.ini determine if the user wants to use always a single instance, or always multiple instances, or usually a single instance, but in some use cases multiple instances. Therefore a new instance of UltraEdit must first read settings from uedit*.ini before it can determine to pass the list of files to open to an already running instance and exit (or keep running in background according to a special option) or continue setting up new instance.

New features in UltraEdit Linux lists:

  • Added support for launching uex from terminal in a new instance via -fni (Ubuntu only)
Multiple running instances of UltraEdit is now supported also by UEX, but only on Ubuntu.

However, it looks like starting a new UEX instance which first finds out if an instance of UEX is already running and passing the file names of the files to open to the already running UEX instance can be optimized to more quickly open files in an already running instance instead of a new instance. You should request this optimization with an email to IDM support.
Best regards from Austria
This problem is apparently a fairly strange one. I tried contacting IDM and they were unable to reproduce the issue. I found that on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8, the problem existed. However when I tried installing it and running on CentosOS 6.5, the problem went away.

Apparently IDM doesn't have RHEL available to the developers to test uex on. It's unclear to me whether it's a Centos vs. RHEL issue or a 6.5 vs. 6.8 version issue.

Still working with the support team.
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