Being a lifelong UE and UC user I tried the UF product. I love it. Very nice.
While the speed is the main component of this product I would like to ask for the following features to make the product better and have it compete with many other similar products on the market today.
While I know I can export the list and perform some scripting to accomplish this, having them in the GUI would be better.

When selecting duplicates that are found I would like to do the following:
  1. Allow batch rename. Right now you can only rename one file at a time. I would like to do a batch rename on all checked items like add a dash and number or replace the extension or add to the extension.

  2. Allow Batch MOVE. Right now I can delete the checked items or put them into the recycle bin, but I would like to move the selected items to another folder or folders.

  3. Allow Batch ARCHIVE: let me move selected items into an archive like a zip or pass them to a product like 7-Zip to archive.

  4. Allow safe DELETE: When deleting the files allow me to recover them, maybe put them into a recovery subdirectory for a few days or until deleted. This might be redundant if I can move them or rename them or zip them already.
What I can see this being very effective for is duplicate photo search, especially the content search since many times I will have duplicate names when importing image files from multiple sources. Having a safety feature to move the files would be better than accidentally deleting the files because the filenames are the same.

BTW I just realized I need to send this to support direct, so I am sending an email too.