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I posted this originally in the General section, but I guess classviewer forum is more appropriate for this. Anyhow, I can't get the class viewer to work with ruby files. Here is what I have done so far:

1. Checked ctags website. Ruby is supported.
2. Used commad line ctags to parse my file. It found the class and two functions (correct)
3. Use ues_ctags to parse the file. Same result as above.
4. When UE tries to parse the file, it displays: Parsing Done: 3 Symbols loaded
5. Classviewer displays the class name, but it will not expand to view the methods and properties.

I tried the above on PHP and C# files and everything works like a charm. What gives?

Btw, if the above file is part of a project. The functions are displayed under Globals/Functions branch. Is this a bug?


The classviewer does not display ctags data. You will have to send a feature request to IDM to allow the addition of custom languages to the classviewer.
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