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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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When I try to connect I'm getting this message stating I need to disconnect before I can connect but I'm not connected. . Is there a fix?
I suppose the fix is to use the correct settings for the FTP/SFTP server you want to connect to. You should get the information which settings to use from the company hosting the server.

The wodSFTP help - Error list contains this error, but without any help on what to do now.

Nobody else has had this error before and posted it here in user-to-user forum. Perhaps you have a trailing whitespace character (space, tab) at end of the host name in FTP account settings. Check the Server entry for not visible characters by selecting everything in edit field. It helps perhaps to replace the host name by the IP address of the server.

It might be also helpful to open Advanced - Settings/Configuration - FTP, check setting Show FTP log in output window, close configuration with button OK, open the output window, select tab FTP Log, try to connect now to the server and look carefully on the log.
Best regards from Austria
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