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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I would like to filter the results of a 2-way folder compare to display only results that are unique to the left side or newer on left side. How can I do this with UltraCompare (latest version)?
Ribbon Mode

In ribbon mode I suggest to click on ribbon tab Layout in group Views on item Legend & filters to make this view visible. The view Legend & Filters helps enabling/disabling the display filters. Uncheck the options Show equal files and Show equal folders.

Alternatively it is also possible to enable/disable the filters via ribbon tab View in group Filter by clicking on small down arrow below first item Filters and click on the menu items in the submenus Hide files and Hide folders like Same in both submenus.

Further there is on ribbon tab Edit in first group Show also the item Diffs only which can be also used to quickly hide identical files and folders.

And there is on ribbon tab Home in group Current Session the item Set compare options which opens the session properties of current comparison session with the Display and Filters options and click in bottom left corner on button OK and Run.

But hiding equal (same, identical) files and folders does not hide files which exist in both folder (trees) and are newer on right side or files existing only on right side.

So to get displayed just files existing only on left side or being newer on left side is not possible.

But it is possible to copy from left to right side only files existing only on left side or being newer on left side.

For this operation click on ribbon tab Edit in group Folder sync on item Folder sync to enable this feature. Select next below Sync rules the rule Update Left To Right. The Action set for files existing only on left side or being newer on left side is Copy. For all other files including those existing only on right side or being newer on right side the Action set is None. So on clicking on item Start sync just the files being newer on left side or existing only on left side are copied to right side.

Toolbar/Menu Mode

This is my preferred GUI mode because I don't like ribbon mode at all in any application and it needs more vertical space which means more vertical space for the compared files/folders.

The view Legend & Filters can be enabled/disabled by clicking in menu View on menu item Show Legend & Filters. The view can be also enabled/disabled via a click on its toolbar item.

In menu Options in submenu Folder Mode Filters are the menu items to enable/disable the appropriate filters.

Further there is in menu View the submenu Just Differences with menu item Just Differences which of course can be enabled also via the toolbar by clicking on red unequal symbol.

And there is in menu Session the menu item Session properties for opening the dialog window with the Display and Filters options.

However, best is again to use the folder synchronization mode by checking on bottom left main window corner the item Sync Folders and select right of Sync Rules the rule Update Left To Right. The folder synchronization can be executed with a click on button Start Sync on bottom right corner of main window.
Best regards from Austria
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