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Hello everyone,
I am currently evaluating UES. I am interested by the Git integration.
I could not find any command to add a modified file to the staging area for later commit (git add) and was curious to know about what you thought about this. Am I missing something?

Second thing, each time I try to invoke the Git branch manager UES crashes. It just vanishes from my screen, never a process has been killed so fast on my PC!
I did not get any reply from official support.
Is there anyone out there experimenting the same problem?

Thanks for your attention.
Jerome, I don't use Git feature of UEStudio because of not having Git installed at all. So I can't help you here in user-to-user forum on this topic.

But I encourage you to contact IDM support by email because of UEStudio crashes when you open Git branch manager. That is a serious bug which should be reported to IDM support with an email to The crash might be caused by the latest code rework of UEStudio done for UES v17.00 to make UEStudio a fully Unicode aware application.

Even with not being yet a customer of IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. please report this crash by email. IDM is not Microsoft, VMware or other software producing companies which do not answer without having paid for support service. Support is free also for users not having bought a license at all, especially if they report such a serious issue resulting in a crash of an application. IDM also does not add your contact data into a database and sell it to other companies as many other software companies do.
Best regards from Austria
Done. Let's see what come back.
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