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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Can UC automatically remove empty folders after copying / moving their content to another folder?

And how can one copy / move one folder / file or more in one of the panes to any desired folder?
Windows 10 Home, 64bit
There is no feature in UC to run after a folder merge or folder synchronization recursive a scan for folders having no files in the folder and all its subfolders and delete all empty folders on any side.

But it is possible to run an asymmetric folder synchronization by creating a folder sync rule with following settings:

Code: Select all
                  Left Folder     Right Folder
Newer | Older     Copy -->        Delete
Older | Newer     None            None
Orphan Left       Copy -->
Orphan Right                      Delete
Diff | Diff       Copy -->        Delete
Identical         None            None

Files existing on both sides and being newer on left side are copied to right side overwriting the older files on right side.
Files existing on both sides but being newer on right side are ignored and so older files on left side as well as newer files on right side are kept as they are.
Files and folders existing only on left side are copied to right side.
Files and folders existing only on right side are deleted completely.
Identical files are kept on both sides.

A folder synchronization can be executed by running first a folder comparison, then check at bottom on left side Sync Folders option, select an appropriate sync rule and click on right side on button Start Sync.

Such an asymmetric folder synchronization deletes folders being empty on right side after folder synchronization.

It is not possible in UC to copy or move files to a specific folder instead of the same folder on the other side. UltraCompare is a text/folder comparison tool and not a file manager.
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Alright, many thanks
Windows 10 Home, 64bit
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