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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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I'm syncing some large folders. Some of the files have permission issues and/or other sorted stuff. I would like UC to just keep going without an "Abort, Try Again, Ignore" dialog. Just move along to the next files. Is there a way to do that? I can't find an obvious setting for it.

Currently latest UltraCompare Professional for Windows v17.00.0.23 does not have a setting to ignore all errors on folder synchronization. All the available options for folder sync mode are listed in Configuration - Compare - Folder Sync - Folder Sync Options. There are no hidden or undocumented folder sync options.
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There needs to be a way to save a choice. Like on the Windows Delete/Recycle dialog. There's a checkbox that you would check if you want to keep your answer/selection for all of the next items that would come up with the same issue. But there needs to be a way to ignore all errors before starting. I'm syncing very large folders that take hours anyway, but when I come back and UC is stopped with a Try Again, Abort, Ignore dialog it adds hours to the project.

Thanks. I guess it's a future feature that might be added.

A nonstop, or quiet mode option. Keep whatever process is running from stopping, make a listing in the output window of the errors.
Please feel free to request appropriate enhancements by email to IDM support as it has no effect just posting such ideas for new features in user-to-user forum.

Another solution would be the method my favorite file manager Total Commander uses when errors occur on copying or deleting files because of a permission or sharing access problem.

Every file/directory operation (copying/moving/renaming/deleting) failing is added to a queue and actual task is continued until last file/directory being processed. Then Total Commander informs the user about the failed operations and asks what to do: retry, retry after elevation to administrator, retry using a different account, ignore (depends on failed operation), ...

This behavior makes it possible to synchronize large directory trees, copy or delete large directory trees without any user interaction while process is running as much as possible up to the end. Then the user is informed about not done file/directory operations because of various reasons if there were any at all and the user can decide what to do regarding failed operations.
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Thanks, I'll check it out.
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