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I am evaluating UES x64 on Windows 7 x64.

I am just realizing that all of my templates are gone, you know, those you can manage through the "Advanced/Display/modify Templates" menu. They were here yesterday for sure. I have no additional clue.

Does anyone know the in which file those are supposed to be saved ?

I might be able to recover them through a backup I made.

Thanks and regards.
Solution Found !
Before evaluating UES I started to evaluate UE. This morning I decided to uninstall UE.
Guess what, UES was pointing to UE template directory....

There is a lot of good stuff and a lot of surprises in IDM products...
Okay, that behavior is explainable. When having UltraEdit already installed (and used/configured) and later installing UEStudio, UEStudio asks on first start if the configuration from UltraEdit should be used for UEStudio. Some directories are user customizable like the wordfiles directory at Editor Display - Syntax Highlighting or the directories as shown in Directories configuration dialog. Those directory paths are kept when user decides to use the configuration from UltraEdit for UEStudio otherwise the configuration of UltraEdit would be only partly used for UEStudio. I'm using UEStudio for development projects and UltraEdit for general text editing and have configured intentionally that some directories like wordfiles, macros and templates directory are the same for both applications and not being the defaults.
Best regards from Austria
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