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Find, replace, find in files, replace in files, regular expressions
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I don't recall the editor doing this before the release of version 24, but maybe I'm wrong. When I do a find and replace and I use the keyboard shortcuts Alt+R or Alt+N, it works just fine. If I use the keyboard to try to find the next one to replace (either Alt+R or Alt+N), the editor has the focus, not the Find and Replace window. The same goes for the Find window (not the small box at the top of the editor, the pop up window). I can use the mouse, but why did it get changed?
Hi Ted,

go to Settings / Search / Miscellaneous and turn off the option Set focus to edit window after any Find operation. This option is new in UltraEdit for Windows v24.10 (I think).

BR, Fleggy
Thank you! I didn't think to look for something like that.
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