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Display customization and font issues
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The configuration dialogue for HTML Tidy in German version is completely in English, only one entry is in German. (The tooltips are all in German.)

Bug or feature?

UltraEdit 21.00 German / Win 7 x 64 Pro
UltraEdit 24 German / Win 10 x 64 Pro
I suppose it is intentional that the options of HTML Tidy are not translated. The options are those listed on HTML Tidy Quick Reference page (as long as supported by HTML Tidy installed with UltraEdit which is not the latest available version of HTML Tidy). Keeping the options as defined by HTML Tidy developers makes it possible for every user to easily find the option in HTML Tidy documentation and read more about it.

It is a mistake that option Clean was translated to Bereinigen which most likely occurred after a find and replace operation on translating text resources.

As everything is in English in this dialog with the exception of the tool-tips, I would rate Wrap (Zeichen) also as a mistake although this is a matter of opinion.
Best regards from Austria
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