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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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Hi there
Is this possible?
I have a great macro that I want to add to the ribbon or the quick access toolbar.
User tools seem to be for other programs external to UE.
The closest I have got is assign the "Run Active Script" button/pull down menu to the QAT.
Many thanks for any reply....
It is not possible to add a macro stored in a macro file which first must be loaded to a ribbon tab, quick access menu or any other menu or toolbar.

For quick execution of a macro configure the macro file containing this macro and perhaps other macros to be loaded on startup of UltraEdit and assign a hotkey or chord (multi-key) to the macro for quick execution by key.

For quick execution by mouse open the Macro List, dock it on left or right side (default right side) and click on pin symbol to toggle the state of this view to auto-hide. Then it is possible to move mouse pointer over the tab of the view (on left or right side) to open the view and double click on the macro in the list to execute it. Of course the macro file must be first loaded which can be done automatically on startup of UE.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you sir :)
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