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Help with setting up and configuring custom user tools in UltraEdit (based on command line input)
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I noticed that ColdFusion (CFML) isn't one of the IntelliTips parsing languages. (The ColdFusion language has been around for 22 years.) Homesite & ColdFusion Studio have been abandoned by Adobe as the moved to ColdFusion Builder, but it's not as easy to use IMHO and really only focuses on ColdFusion (and not HTML, JS, PHP, XML, etc.)

I really like UltraEdit and would like to add CFML support to UEStudio. How do I go about doing this? Is it text based? Is there a separate editor?

I've only found this tutorial page regarding IntelliTips, but not much else so far: Using IntelliTips

UltraEdit has no built-in support for parsing files of a project for symbols building up a symbols database and show them in various views like UEStudio has.

But on using an UltraEdit project it is possible to use Exuberant Ctags. Installed with UE v24.10.0.24 is version 5.5.4 of Exuberant Ctags in subdirectory GNU of program files directory of UltraEdit. But it is possible to replace this old version by latest version 5.8.

But ColdFusion is none of the supported languages. I don't know anything about ColdFusion language and so I don't know if support for this language can be added to Ctags easily using regular expressions or more difficult by adding the language with C code.

But it might be enough to use one of user submitted syntax highlighting wordfiles for ColdFusion and use the Function list. The regular expressions for a flat or hierarchical function list can be customized by the user. Right click into function list and click on Configuration.
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I tried UEStudio because I wanted to check out IntelliTips, but it seemed to run slower than UE and there wasn't any CFML insight.

While ColdFusion/CFML/CFScript is not one of the 41 languages supported by Ctags, I searched and found this StackOverflow entry Atom editor: jump to CFML function that lead me to this GitHub repository atom-language-coldfusion.

According to this UltraEdit power tip page CTAGs and UltraEdit, in order to use Ctags the source code files must be part of an existing project. I'm also not entirely sure how to configure it (and whether it's what I really want/need or not.)

I customized and renamed one of the ColdFusion wordfiles and that seemed to work well (and correctly color the code based on syntax). I'll review this further. Unfortunately, it's not as robust, but still much better than nothing.
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