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I have a 46,000 line text file that I'm trying to either cut out about 1,000 lines in the middle of the file or delete the files before and after the 1,000 lines.

I'm not really sure how to explain this so I took a screen cap and made an animated GIF with 30.5 MB, link here:

Basically I need to select large portions of my text file and delete it but every time I try to select text and use the scrollbar the program is not keeping everything selected.

This is the first text editor I've used that can't seem to handle selecting large amounts of text... What is going on?

I'm using UltraEdit v24.10.0.24
I'm not sure what you have tried (and I have not looked on the animated GIF), but selecting a block with mouse works as in all other applications.

First, set caret (blinking text cursor) at the position where selection should start, for example line 1000 column 1.

Then use the vertical scroll bar and scroll down to end position of the selection not yet existing.

Hold the left or right Shift key on keyboard and left click once (and really only once) into the file where the selection should end, for example line 15983 column 37.

That's it.

A double click with left mouse button selects a word or the space between two words.

A triple click selects the entire line except this feature is disabled in configuration.

Depending on used settings there is a very thin or a little bit wider area on left side between document window border and first column of the line on which a single click in this area selects the entire line. The mouse pointer changes from a text cursor (looking like an upper case I in Times New Roman) to an arrow pointing from left to right when the cursor (mouse pointer) is positioned over this thin area on left side of the lines.

Another method to select a block is using Ctrl+G to open the Go To dialog, enter line number for begin of selection and click on button Goto. Then open the dialog once again with Ctrl+G, enter line number for end of selection, press and hold left or right Shift key on keyboard and click on button Goto. The caret is moved to new position and additionally everything from previous position is selected in file.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for the reply.

I am putting my cursor (mouse left click) at the beginning of line that I want to start at. Then I scroll down, using the scroll bar, to where I want the end of the selection to be, I hold the Shift key and then left click with my mouse again at the end of the line I want the selection to end at. Like any other program.

The preview scroll bar on the right shows every line is selected properly, but when when I hit the delete key (or Ctrl-X to cut) less than half of what I had highlighted is actually removed from the document, even so far as to cut off somewhere in the middle of a line of text.

I know this sounds nuts, but the program is just not deleting or cutting everything that I selected. It just randomly decides to only delete (or cut) less than half of what I had actually selected.
First, I suggest to update to v24.10.0.32 which is the currently latest available version.

Second, what you call "preview scroll bar" is the document map as it can be seen by clicking with secondary mouse button into this view which opens the context menu of this view and containing as last item Close document map.

Third, please don't use the words highlighting or highlighted when you mean selection or selected. Highlighted text in UltraEdit is something different than selected text. It is even possible to have text highlighted within a selected text.

I have created quickly a file with more than 1.000.000 lines having more than 100.000.000 bytes and selected as described by me a block in the middle with more than half of the file size and deleted/cut this block. It worked well. So I could not reproduce the problem.

Therefore I would most likely need your file, your UltraEdit configuration (files in application data directory of UltraEdit, i.e. %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraEdit) and exact step by step instructions on how to reproduce this issue to be able to verify that problem at all. Of course instead of packing the files into a ZIP or RAR archive and uploading it somewhere with the step by step instructions for verification by another user of UltraEdit like me, you can report this issue also to IDM support by email privately.
Best regards from Austria
I have just checked for updates and UltraEdit says there aren't any.

I ran some more tests with other files and found that it appears that I'm hitting some sort of selection buffer limit. The status bar indicates: "Sel: 49998/820 (B/Lns)"

Every single time I select a large amount of text and my selection gets truncated those numbers are always the same in the status bar. It seems that I'm hitting some sort of buffer limit with the selection that prevents me from going over 49998 bytes.
I updated to and now it's working properly, I'm not hitting that 49998 byte limit anymore.

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