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I found a bug:

  1. Download the, extract testbug.txt, open testbug.txt by UltraEdit.
    a document for bug test
    (171 Bytes) Downloaded 9 times
  2. It should be open in code page 932 (Shift-JS). If not, change the encoding setting to code page 932.
    The content looks like:

    correct encoding
    encoding.png (4.39 KiB) Viewed 129 times
  3. Open find and replace menu (Ctrl+R).

  4. Change the settings like:

    setting.png (15.94 KiB) Viewed 129 times
  5. Click 'Replace all' button.
Then UltraEdit does nothing. This is a bug.
This is a user to user forum as written at top of this page. So with your post you have informed the users of UltraEdit about a bug in UltraEdit v24.10.0.35 which I suppose you are currently using as being the currently latest available version. But you have not informed IDM Computer Solutions about this issue. So your bug report here has no effect on future versions of UltraEdit.

There is a similar issue report posted with forum topic Perl regex replace all not working on file encoded with Chinese code page 950 (Big5) in UES 17.00. This issue is still not fixed in currently latest UES v17.10.0.18 and UE v24.10.0.35 and the reason is most likely that it was not reported by any user by email to IDM support. So IDM is not aware of this problem at all. (This bug does not bother me for my work with UE/UES and so I have not reported it by email to IDM support.)

So please report this issue to IDM support by email to get this bug fixed in a future version of UltraEdit.
Best regards from Austria
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