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Display customization and font issues
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Hi All,

Long term Ultra* user with an interface question.

I would like to start using soft tabs with 4 spaces when writing code after years of preferring tabs. The only thing that has held me back from using spaces is navigating through the code with the keyboard. Once tabs have been entered, having to hit the back or forward arrow 4 times instead of 1 is irritating. Am I missing a setting here? Is there a way to tell UltraEdit to recognize the soft tab count of spaces as a tab and treat them as such for navigation?

Thank you,
There are no keys to move caret to next previous tab stop position.

One or more selected lines can be indented / unindented by one tab respectively number of indent spaces using key Tab for indent and Shift+Tab for unindent.

UltraEdit is capable of indent and unindent lines automatically on hitting key Return at end of a line. The setting Auto indent new lines must be enabled at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Editor Display - Formatting and additionally the syntax highlighting language must have the lines /Indent Strings = and /Unindent Strings = and perhaps additionally /Ignore Strings SOL = suitable for the language and preferred coding style.

And there are Ctrl+Right to move caret to beginning of next word and Ctrl+Left to move caret to beginning of current word or previous word depending on caret position. There are more caret (text cursor) moving and line moving commands as it can be seen on opening Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Key Mapping and looking on the CursorTo*, MoveLine* and Scroll*Line commands.

The usage of Draw indent lines at Advanced - Settings or Configuration - Editor Display - Code Folding might be helpful as well. This feature requires enabled code folding configured appropriately in the wordfile of syntax highlighting language applied to active file.
Best regards from Austria
Thank you for the detailed response on this. The answer is not what I was hoping for, but the Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right might be the right answer if I can embed that in my mental workflow. I was not aware of that one.

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