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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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Recently I've been finding out that UE is not saving my bookmarks between opens and closes. I have checked, and I DO have Save Bookmarks checked in the configuration settings. I am using what I think is the very latest version,, 64-bit.

I saw "Addressed issues with bookmarks" in the last update fixes. But it looks like there is still an issue with bookmarks saving and restoring. Does anyone else have this problem?
From am email which was sent to beta testers of UE v24.20 about fixes in release candidate 1:

  • Addressed issue with bookmark display after splitting window
  • Addressed issue with bookmarks set in project files disappearing between sessions
So if you are using a project, the issue is known and is fixed in UE v24.20.0.27 being released on 2017-08-31.
Best regards from Austria
Yup, that's me - I am using a project. It's great to hear that it's a known problem that is being worked on. Thanks!
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