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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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Do you plan to add a debugger for PHP ? With this feature, UEStudio will be a very good IDE for PHP
Does not seem to be any1 to answere from IDM on this forum?

A forum will not build it self.. :idea:

I'm considering UE Studio, but PHP debugging is essensial for me too.

I don't think this feature will be implemented really soon.
UES is in fact a nice C/C++ programmers editor, able to edit other languages too, it is not a language specific IDE.

MartOn wrote: Does not seem to be any1 to answere from IDM on this forum?

This is a user supported forum, if you want to ask IDM please e-mail them to

I am testing 05.10 Beta 1 and there is no debugger.

PHP debugging does not come in an .exe format to my knowledge; thus it would rather be hard to do with UEStudio.

The link below is to a PHP debugger that has a free version. The web page says that it can be used from within an IDE. I am not a PHP programmer but perhaps this program or one like it may help.

PHP Debugger
Greetings all,

I'm using UEStudio 9.10 which should have debugging support for PHP, see power tip Using the integrated PHP debugger.

However, I followed all steps as described and still find breakpoints don't work, which makes the debugger useless :( .

Now I doubt there is much wrong with my setup, for I also tried NotePad++ with the DBGP plugin using the very same settings and that does work as expected. No problems setting breakpoints there, though I'd prefer UltraEdit.

Shortlist of system: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (32 bit) under VMWare Player, Microsoft IIS 6.0, PHP 5.2.9, XDebug 2.0.5, MySQL 5.1.34-community.

Anyone any thoughts why my breakpoints don't work?
Another question:


Client side:
UEStudio '11 Development Environment, Version

Server side:
Ubuntu 11.04 amd64 server
apache2 + php5 + php5_xdebug

I try to debug a php script. I noticed that UEStudio listens only on localhost ( network interface. So I cannot do a remote debug session with my Ubuntu server. This renders the xdebug remote capability useless.

I know that my xdebug settings are ok, because I verified them by starting a debug session with XdebugClient v1.0 Beta 3.

I want to to debug in UEStudio, that's why I bought it in the first place. How can I enable UEStudio to work as it should.
Checked the manual that comes with UEStudio, but found no solution. Did I forgot some setting or maybe something else?

Installing apache server on my Client is not an option.

Thank you.
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