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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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In the Files/Settings dialog box, I want to filter all files but *.c and *.h files. I don't want to have it display all my *.o and *.bak files because they slow down searches and give me redundant info. I can easily filter out everything but c-files or h-files, but i want both of them.

Enter both extensions at the filter field of the Project - Files/Settings dialog separated by a semicolon:

Filter: *.c; *.h

I have not tested it, because I add my project files manually. But I guess it will work, because this method also works in the Configuration - File Types dialog.
Best regards from Austria
Works for me.

Does not work for me.

Tried with *.htm;*.js, i. e. only html and javascript files but I also got lots of *.bak stuff anyway.
Using UE32 11.10a+2 (at work, so no way to "quick upgrade")
In readme.txt I can read for v11.10b.

Fixed filtered display of project folder subdirectories

I guess, this is your problem. Bad that you (your company) did not use free update service as v11.xx updates were available via download page.

Now you can only follow the FAQ answer How can I download a previous or older version of UltraEdit?

If nobody in your company uses Win9x or edits Unicode (UTF-16, UTF-8) files, I suggest to ask IDM support for v11.20b. If you still use Win98 and additionally edit Unicode files, better ask for v11.20a.
Best regards from Austria
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