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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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I am trying to organize files I use in Projects. Very handy. I am, however, finding it difficult to manage the files which belong to a particular open project. Ideally you could drog a saved file (Tab in UE window) over to the Projcect tab area on left and drop the files there but this doesn't work. Do you really have to use properties the "add file" as the only mechanism for this? Any tips from users who are using Projects and easily managing which files are current members I would be greatfull.

Yes, I think so :cry:

Me, I always open the files I need and then add all of them at once via the button "add open files".
Tip: Sometimes I have to change 10 files at once, cause only the path changed...
say: c:\work\bla\Version1\myfile.txt to c:\work\bla\Version2\myfile.txt
There I just say "Open Project", see the Project, say "Version1.prj" and then I right click the project file and say "edit with notepad".
Then I do a replace all "Version1" with "Version2" and Save the project file as Version2.prj :wink:

rds Bego
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
Just for info:

A double click on the project file in your file manager will start UltraEdit or UEStudio and load the project, so it seems it can't be edited with UE or UES. But the UE/UES project file can also be edited with UE or UES itself.

To do this you first have to start UE or UES and then open the *.prj file with the File - Open command. This will open the project file for editing for quick replace a directory or something similar instead of loading the project.

You only should take into consideration that you do not edit a project file with UE or UES while it is actually used by UE or UES. Close the current project if you want to edit the current project file.

PS: Opening an UltraEdit *.prj file via File - Open for editing might not be possible on Windows 8 / 7 / Vista depending on version of UE/UES. Open the project, open File Tree View (UE) or Workspace Manager (UES), select the tab Project, right click on bold project name at top and left click in context menu on Edit Project File.
Hi Mofi,

yes, I knew that but dont want to navigate to the path where the project-files are stored. :(
I thought its worth a tip that you also can edit a project file from the "open project window". (Surely also with UE if prj-file is not opened). I should have mentioned this ...
Thx anyway :-)

He Mofi, give me your 1000st post :D

Congratulation. I think Ian should give you some award ...

rds Bego
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
Thanks for the feedback Mofi and Bego. Ian has an excellent user base! After testing out your recomendations I am still not happy with the options for managing files in a project. Editing the prj file works great for removing files but not for adding them since you would need to reference the fully qualified file path (time consuming). Maybe I am trying to push the envelope too much and attempting to use UE more dynamically than intended. I am an absolute UE adovcate and will continue to use and evangelize the product. That being said, I believe there is room for improvement on the project / File management feature.

I'll continue to monitor the thread...

Thanks again for your excellent post(s).
OK. I don't know if the feature I am seeing is due to my upgrading to the latest version (11.2a)or if I simply didn't see it before...

Wiht UE open you can right click on the project to intuitively add a file etc... also you can right click on a specific file to remove it.

This is good! I've attached a screen shot.
Hi Mike

Hmm. I didn't get this. Where can I right-click on the project ?
In open-project window ? in Explorer ?
I tried many places but there is no feature like "add file to project" or so..

Pls upload your hardcopy...

rds Bego (UE 11.20a)
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
the upload does not seem to be working.

I'll try and describe for you....

With the Ultra Edit open and the Project tab visible on left...
Right click on the Project name... I get choice like:
"Add folder"
"Add Active File"
"Add all Open File"
etc ...
Basically the same options available when you right click and choose Settings... let me know if this does not help..
:oops: Aaaaaah, ok.
The project explorer. I don't really work often with it.
I use a menubar icon (Project settings), where the same options are just buttons:


Anyway thank you! Perhaps I will now use it instead of the dialog in future.

Hope an improvement will be done in the next version.

rds Bego
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
My projects consist of roughly 550 files. When I add them all to a new project, it takes a long time (5+ minutes?). Is this to be expected? Oh yes, forgot to mention, the machine becomes unusable for this period.
For just adding the 550 files to a new project the 5 minutes would be too long. But when you do that with UEStudio it would be exlainable because UEStudio has an integrated symbol parser and this parser opens now every project file and searches for symbols (function names, variable names, preprocessor definitions, etc.) to build up the symbol database used for the function tips, function list, find symbol feature, auto-completion feature, class viewer, ...
Best regards from Austria
Hi Mofi, thanks for the reply. I'm using UltraEdit, not UEStudio but I imagine it's building its project symbol table as well. I wouldn't mind the time it takes if it didn't hog the machine. Thanks again!
UltraEdit has no integrated symbol parser. But you can setup in UltraEdit that a project uses Ctags as symbol parser and the console application Ctags scans the files as fast as possible (+ anti-virus software scans also all opened files). Of course that means that the hard disk becomes very busy and if you use a computer with a single core CPU the computer is under full load.
Best regards from Austria
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