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Integrated Development Environment issues like IntelliTips, Resource Editor, and the ClassViewer (with the Tags tab selected in the Workspace Manager).
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Does the ClassViewer for for PHP 5 Object Oriented code? I tried the demo about 6 months ago and couldn't get it to work. I'm wondering if any of the maintenance releases have addressed this.
I wish i could use it with javascript and JScript.NET there is no proper parser for javascript like langs. And i don't have the time to write one. I guess the same goes for PHP...
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I gave up and purchased the Zend PHP editor, which does understand class constructs. Bummer, really, since I like the IDM products better.
royb, I never saw your question (wasn't really checking the forums back then:)

I use the UEStudio classviewer with PHP 4 and 5 classes, it works fine.

If you add the 'gl_php.php' file from the UEStudio program files directory to your project, you also get function completion and built-in classes.

Sorry I couldn't have been of assistance sooner...
Thanks for the reply, codec_7. I'm just starting to get working on doing OOP stuff in PHP 5, so I was hoping that UEStudio would be smart enough to support this functionality.

My fear is always that everything is being geared toward compiled languages, and the PHP and Python people will be left out in the cold with a high percentage of functionality that we can't use.

I guess I'll go back and look for that upgrade link.

Where can I find 'gl_php.php'?
Okay, I just downloaded and installed the 30 day eval of UEStudio '05. I've opened up my PHP OOP script inside the editor. I'm clicking on the ClassViewer icon and it's not showing me anything.

What am I doing wrong? I've attached my PHP script for others to test with.

All the info that is showed in the class browser is generated by a program called cTags. It parses your source files to some sort of tag based file wich is read by the class viewer, which in turn will render your program structure out of it.

This works fine for quite alot of langs because support has been baked in to cTags for those (Java, C(++), eiffel, vera). Support for scripting langs is quite limited unless you write it yourself. There are some good site about how to write parsers using cTags. And the structure of a tag file, most of it is available at cTags and you can always google.

For the source of cTags:
IDM download: from (cTags + GNU regexp)
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I don't use UEStudio yet, but I think you need to add your source files to a project before you can make use of the class viewer (and some other features).
roland is correct, you need to create a project before the class viewer will work.

I'm not sure that ctags is necessary for a PHP project. Things seem to work fine even without it.

royb, gl_php.php is in the 'LST' subdirectory of the UEStudio program files folder. Add this file to your project. Then try typing 'array_key_exists(' in the editor. Lovely :)
Hey Codec_7,

Yep, that works, but a click on the ClassViewer icon still doesn't do anything.

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