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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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How can I configure UC to open JARs, EARs, WARs, etc. since it handles zips..?

a lot of file types are in fact zipped file (for example .ear, .war, ...)
Is there a way to add those extensions to a UC list (for instance in "Preferences") so that those extensions are considered as zip files during comparisons ?

This is not possible currently with UltraCompare v4.10a (as far as I know). Please write an email with your feature request to IDM support.
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Since this thread's last post, it looks like UC now recognizes .rar and .jar extensions as folder archives. Can it now handle .ear and .war files as well? My shop makes use of them, often with one nested inside the other, with .jar archives nested in turn.

I'm running UC


Brian Ray
As far as I know it is still not possible to configure which file extensions should be interpreted as ZIP compressed archives. The additional file extensions recognized in the meantime by UC v8.50.0.1021 are all hard coded inside uc.exe.

If UC does not yet support EAR and WAR as it looks like, you need to request an enhancement of UltraCompare for EAR and WAR files by email to IDM support.
Thanks Mofi. I'll do that.
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