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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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Do you know if it is possible to compile via telnet / rlogin?
I have a [very non-standard] Solaris makefile system on a remote machine.
With v12.20 of UltraEdit there is now Telnet support. Check if you can use it for your remote compilation.
Best regards from Austria

See if GNU Screen (or one of its derivatives) is available for your solaris environment. It is very helpful for remote work because you can attach/detach/re-attach to an existing login when remote compile take a long time.
I have always wondered if it would ever be possible to do remote compilation with UE. I do all my development using UE on Windows connected to a Linux machine over SSH. Unfortunately, many of the nice features of UE don't work over SSH. For example, it would be amazing to be able to build/search ctags remotely!

Hi Adam,

I agree 100%. Pls write a feature request to IDM too, since the more people desire a feature, the more likely it is implemented.
As long as there is no Unix version (well, my personal opinion: there will never be one), a CTAG option on ftp'ed files would be my biggest request.
I hate that assembler-like VI (we live in the 21st century, don't we?) and that f????? Emacs b???sh??, but the "drill through" option on TAGS is the showstopper for UE here :-(
Let's wait and pray.
(Hope I did not tread on so.'s toes too much ;-)

rds Bego
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
has this feature been implemented yet? Ctags over ftp or over ssh?

I'm considering buying UE but only if this feature is present.

being able to compile remotely would be huge. Count me in on this request

I've also been asking for remote compilation and script support for telnet for years. It is a great pity that IDM have ignored the section of the developer community that compile on a remote system. I have now started moving all of my project to Netbeans for this single reason. Netbeans has superb remote development support - autosync, remote compile, even remote debug. Come on IDM, please review this!
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