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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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I fiddle around a lot wit WordPress themes, mostly with adding localization support. I also use TortoiseSVN for handling version control.

The "Create Patch"-feature allows me to select a bunch of file and create a file with differences of all the selected files, which is rater handy.

Does UltraCompare allow to do the same? I mean, create a difference file with the changes in a bunch of files at once? Or would i have to do it file by file? Is there at least a way, to append the changes to one difference file? Or do i have to create a difference file for each file pair?
You could write a batch file or vbs which runs a file by file compare with results to a result file for every pair and copy then the result files together into a single result file. I have never done it, but this could be a solution.
Best regards from Austria
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