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Having a problem getting the shell integration part of UC to work for a normal user, that is a non Administrator, in XP-Pro-SP2. UC was installed under the Admin account, the integration option selected and the context menu appears for that user. However the context menu does not appear for a less privileged user. 'Options... Configuration... General... Integrate with Explorer IS ticked' for both users and indeed the context menu appears if the ordinary account is promoted temporarily to an Admin account, so I assume the integration itself is OK, the menu disappears again when the account is demoted.

Any ideas ? ... I'm afraid I'm one of those old style users who strongly disapproves of people running day to day applications as Administrators 'for an easy life'. IDM software has been pretty good in this area in the past, can anyone confirm if it works for them as a standard user, I'm hoping it's just a configuration thing my end rather than a fault.

P.S. the new scrolling highlighting that lines up as you pan down is superb, makes reviewing code changes sooo much easier, makes the product for me.


OK, replying to my own post... but only to tie up a loose end

A fix for this problem is to add 'Set Value' as a special permission for the built-in 'Users' group to the following registry key:


This relates to V4.0 of UC, hopefully if you read this post historically the problem will have been resolved in a future release.

I just wanted to confirm that this is still necessary in V6.00 (and it still works).

Thanks, Phil!

I have problem with this.
Setting permissions on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D39D9960-20CA-40CE-A802-8C64817BE518} doesn't helps.
"Integration with Explorer" now ON in options. But really any integration is not present in context menu.
The shell integration itself must be done with UltraCompare using an account with administrator privileges clicking on Options - Integrate with Explorer. That shell integration once done is active for all users. Changing the permissions on the key described above is required for restricted users because the shell integration executable stores the file/folder names for next compare at this key and restricted users don't have write access to any key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
Best regards from Austria
This issue is fixed with the shell extension DLL installed with UltraCompare v8.00.

The shell extension stores now the selected file/folder names in registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraCompare Pro\ShellParams. The previously used key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{D39D9960-20CA-40CE-A802-8C64817BE518} is no longer used and can be safely deleted from registry if this registry key still exists after upgrade to UC v8.00 or later.

Also the registration of the shell extension DLL is done now for all users on local machine when having administrator privileges on registration, as well as for the current user which makes it possible to register the shell extension also with a restricted user account.
Best regards from Austria
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