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Sorry, but brand new to this tool. I had been using HomeSite for several years and there are just a few basic functions it provides that would be great to match in UEStudio. I need some help with two configuration issues (if it is possible):

1) is there a way to display both the filename and last modification date in the explorer view? It would be great to be able to then sort the view in descending order by the date

2) looking to have a block of code highlighted between two tags. For example, when developing .asp scripts, it would be great to have everything between <% and %> to have a background color of a light gray.

It looks like #2 is possible, but I obviously need some help editing the wordfile.txt file to get the right settings.

Thanks for any insight.
1) I don't know, but I guess it is not possible. It is just a file tree view not an explorer instance inside UE.

2) No need to edit the wordfile.txt. You have to specify a background color for all color groups for language "VBScript Active Server Pages" at Configuration - Editor Display - Syntax Highlighting. You must first disable the option "Background Color Automatic".
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for the quick response.

I have the color coding much closer to what I am used to now using your recommendations.

I was hoping the file tree could be expanded to view the other file properties that are typically available. I guess I'll just have to get used to not having it!

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