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Integrated Development Environment issues like IntelliTips, Resource Editor, and the ClassViewer (with the Tags tab selected in the Workspace Manager).
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I'm really struggling with this feature. I can't seem to figure out why some files in my project are not being parsed. I have functions that just never show up?

When does a file get parsed or reparsed?

This really looks like a bug to me.

Is it?
Look at Configuration - IDE - IntelliTips - Parser and the help about these settings.
Best regards from Austria
I found the problem. The Java compiler I was using does not require a ; after an import statement

import System;

and the missing ; was completely shutting down UEStudios java parser, causing it to parse no further.

It's really too bad that UEStudio doesn't support user configurable parsers. There are a lot of languages out there. I've requested this several times and just get a "I'll check with the programmers".

It's too bad we don't get more meaningful response from them.
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