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General and specific configuration/INI settings
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I am overwhelmed by the number of options in the configuration screens. I often hunt around for a long time to find where to set a particular option. I guess the arrangement makes sense to some people, but not for me. It seems to have grown over the years.

Anyway, I came up with a solution. I typed the text of every option in all the config screens into a file. When I need a particular setting, I search my file to find where it is. Then I can go right to it.

I tried to follow these convention: indent another tab level for anything that is below a grouping or heading. Prefix actual "setable" options with a hyphen, no prefix on groupings or headings. Insert a blank line between major section headings.

In case anyone would find this useful, you can click on the link at my last post to download the file. It is in RTF format. Hopefully everyone has a way to read that format. (WordPad, MS Word, etc.) Let me know if you need something else (DOC, ASCII, etc.)
Edit: See the last post by Mofi who manages the files now.

Here come the disclaimers: This was written for version 12.10a. I do not promise to keep it updated for new releases or make copies for older versions. I tried to follow my conventions, but I am sure there are problably mistakes in there. (This took a LONG time to create!) I make no guarantees as to the accuracy or usefulness of this. Do with it what you will and use it at your own risk.

Let me know if you come up with any improvments or creative uses for this. For example, I have associated RTF files with WordPad on my PC. I added this file to the Custom Tools in UltraEdit. That way I can quickly open it in a window outside of UltraEdit and then open the Configuration screen to make my changes.
Amazing! Wonderful!

Now I'm not forced anymore to open the configuration dialog when answering forum questions. I saved your file in ASCII to my UltraEdit directory and added it to the favorite files of UE to have quick access to it from within UE. Now I can also copy and paste the names of the settings to forum answers easily.

Thanks, thanks and thanks!
Best regards from Austria
Wow, a newbie was able to help the amazing Mofi!?!?!
That's great! I'm glad it is helpful to you.
Thanks for all the help you give on this forum.
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Wow! Thanks for the work! This is a great "cheat sheet".

Wow, it has been 7 years since I uploaded this? Thanks for maintaining it all this time. It is a great help. I just upgraded UE, and my first stop was to come here and get the latest copy. I knew I could count on you to keep it up-to-date.
Hi dsunde,

thanks for your kind words. Yes, I keep the self-extracting RAR archive up-to-date as I use the files inside for myself from time to time for answering forum questions.
I added on 2016-08-31 the files for UltraEdit v23.00 + UEStudio v16.00, UltraEdit v23.10 + UEStudio v16.10, UltraEdit v23.20 + UEStudio v16.20, updated the history files and fixed also some very small mistakes in most other files. 4 files in archive were updated once more on 2016-10-06.

The archive UE_UES_ConfigSets.exe is a self-extracting WinRAR Windows GUI executable which asks on execution into which directory to extract the files. That directory should be empty to see easily the files of the archive after unpacking them. The directory (tree) is automatically created, if the path to the extraction folder is entered manually and it does not already exist.

It contains the configuration settings for all versions of UE/UES from UltraEdit v11.20b and UEStudio v5.10a up to latest version of UE/UES as RTF and TXT files.

The 2 files with file name History_ConfigSets contain additionally a history about changes in the configuration dialogs.

This archive file is a must have for all users using a localized version of UltraEdit or UEStudio who are writing in the forum about a configuration setting and want to know the English name for it. The order of the items in the RTF or TXT file for the specified UE/UES version is identical with the order of items in the configuration dialogs of this version. That should be a good help to find the English name of a localized configuration setting.
Best regards from Austria
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