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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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Hi. After trying UE for a few weeks (not registered yet) I decided to give it a go at the studio version cause I'm using Borland5.5 command line utilities and cause the editor seems to be a treat. There's one strange thing happening though: The build menu and build toolbar are not displayed. I've set up a new project space and set it to compilable in it's properties. Couldn't find any related topic.
Anyone ? Hope it's not a lame question, I've done a bit of search and found nothing...

Advanced--> Configuration --> Toolbars/Menus -->Management --> Manage Toolbars / Manage Menus choose [Advanced] and read help file to get how to set related settings.
Thanks for the advice, I've already solved it by reinstalling it from scratch and choosing to not use previous settings but that wou've probably work too.

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