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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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Does anyone know how to prevent Open Project/Workspace from loading the previous open file list? The setting 'Reload file previously open on Startup" is not ticked and I can't find a setting to disable a project reloading files when I open it. Is this possible?

Well, it works by hand.
Example: Remove all the red settings under section "openFiles" in the prj-file:
[Open Files]
Open File0=FTP::bla
Open File Pos0=0
Open File Line0=0
Active File Index=1
Open File Window Pos0=0,1,-1,-1,-4,-30,132,174,1063,718
Open File1=FTP::blabla
Open File Pos1=0
Open File Line1=0
Open File Window Pos1=2,3,-1,-1,-4,-30,154,203,1089,751
Open File2=

Active File Display Mode=3

You might write a macro or perl-script or whatever to automate it.

rds Bego
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
You maybe can also set the read-only file attribute on the project file after removing the open file settings. But I never tested it. Well, you have to remove the read-only attribute when you add or remove files/folders from the project or you want to change a project setting.

However, projects/workspaces are designed for opening last used files and restore their windows, cursor positions, bookmarks and code foldings. That's what I and I think also most other users expect from a project/workspace. So there is no "Do not open files when opening a project" option.
Best regards from Austria
@Mofi - Well that is ONE of the reasons I guess you could give for having a workspace - but projects in UEdit are useful to me for the following reasons:
1. I can add CTags
2. I can filter on file types and hence
3. I can do a "search in" more effectively

Having a project re-open all previously open files makes the project load slowly and that is why I am interested in having this functionality. Obviously the other way to prevent a project reloading previously open files is to close the files before I close the project.

Thanks for taking the time to post your replies.
Hi to both of you,

I found a comfortable solution:

- copy the ff. vbscript to your disk e.g. c:\ue_kill_open_files_from_prj.vbs
- make a shortcut to it in your Windows SendTo folder (see Mofis windows explorer settings if you can't find it in e.g. "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\SendTo"

now when you see the open Project Window and you see your prj, just before double-clicking and opening it, press right mouse and choose "send to ue_kill_open_files_from_prj.vbs".
Your open-files will be removed from the prj-file :-)
then double click or press open for opening it like before.

NO WARRANTY ! Make a backup of your prj file before trying.

rds Bego

Code: Select all
Option Explicit

'deletes all entries with "open file" lines, so that when opening prj, no files are shown
    Dim fso
    Dim objFile
    'Dim objTextStream
    Dim fileName
    Dim args
    dim newLines()
    dim i
    dim j
    dim strLine
    set args = WScript.Arguments
    if (args.Count <> 1) Then
        MeldungRaus "Wrong arguments"
    End If
    fileName = args(0)

    Set fso     = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set objFile = fso.OpenTextFile(fileName)
    i = 0
    Do while not objFile.AtEndOfStream
    strLine = objFile.ReadLine()
    'collect olny lines without "open file" inside
    if (InStr(1,strLine, "open file", 1) = 0 and InStr(1,strLine, "Active File", 1) = 0 ) then
        i = i + 1
        redim preserve newLines(i)
        newLines(i) = strLine
    end if

    'now write back the stuff without filtered lines
    Set objFile = fso.OpenTextFile(fileName,2, true)
    for j = 1 to i
        objFile.write newLines(j) & vbcrlf
        'msgbox (newLines(j))


Sub MeldungRaus (strMeld)

    wscript.echo strMeld
    wscript.quit 1

End Sub
Normally using all newest english version incl. each hotfix. Win 10 64 bit
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