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Two- and three-way folder compare and merge issues.
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Just installed UltraCompare and trying to compare folders on my local drive against my website via FTP .

How does this work please ?
If not available, can you suggest an app which does this nicely.

I just upgraded to v. 4.10a because it had an ftp option. Now that I have it installed, I can open a file from an FTP site but I can't figure out how to compare the FTP site to a local folder. A search through the help file didn't turn up anything either.

Would be nice to hear something from the developers on this subject. I see your original post is over 1 month old!
I've also just upgraded to 4.10a thinking it can compare local and FTP directories. Seems it will only compare local and FTP files one at a time. I'm VERY DISSAPOINTED because this is such a common requirement. I should have installed the trial first.

For those interested in a tool that does it right ...

They've had a good review in the Nov 2006 MSDN magazine.

PLEASE IDM !!! ... fix this for us.
I was wondering if the developers ever monitored these forums. It would be nice to hear from the developers if the FTP directory compare is part of the development roadmap.

No, the IDM developers are not monitoring the user forums. Read the 3 paragraphs at top of the page.

I personally use the file manager Total Commander with its built-in FTP client and synchronize directory feature for comparing local and FTP files. It can even compare/synchronize between FTP and FTP. In my point of view and usage UltraCompare is for file comparing and folder comparing is the job of a file manager which gives me also the possibility to rename or delete files and change the permissions /attributes of files and directories.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks for the tip, Mofi.

I installed and spent some time with Total Commander.

I found that it doesn't do FTP to FTP syncs, which someone in this thread seemed to want.

The FTP to local sync, and the time/datestamp issue workarounds are pretty impressive.

Thanks for the tip, Mofi.

I am still looking for something that will generate a "patch set" from the diffs between two versions, so that the "patch set" can be applied to a future version of the same base. Ideally, this would be recursive through subdirectories, like in my OSCommerce scenario.

Do you know of any tool like that?

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