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I'm using UEStudio and we have just started using SVN here at work. We are using SVN via SSH though and not https. Presently I have to work in UEStudio then hop over the a seperate SSH terminal (or the one inside UEStudio) and do all the commands. Is there a work around for using svn:ssh in UEStudio or is there a plan to incorporate in future revisions if not? I did a search on the forums and found stuff for HTTPS but nothing for svn-ssh.

Thansk as always!
I currently use tortoiseSVN and PuTTY to connect to my repositories via svn+ssh. If this is possible in my new shiny version of UEStudio please give guidance, someone, because how to do this escapes me.
Dear IDM,

Please implement svn+ssh as a protocol option in the VCM setup. This is very helpful since many of us use this method for SVN checkouts and updates. Also, this method is like 9000 times faster (so I read somewhere). Here is a link for your references: ... serve.html

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