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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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From time to time I have attempted to use UltraCompare to compare mysql dump files that have all the data for an entire table on one line. When I try this, it seems the best UC can do is tell me that the lines are different. Of course, this is not helpful.

I am wondering if there is a method of easily viewing just the differences between the two long lines?
No, this is not possible. You can switch in menu Window to the Vertical Layout to see more characters of a line. But for very long lines even this would not help. You always have to scroll horizontally, best with Window - Synchronized Horizontal Scroll enabled.

It would be good if there would be an option that UltraCompare also automatically scroll left/right in nearly identical 2 long single lines when pressing Next Difference or Previous Difference.

Or at least the command View - Center on Difference works additionally also horizontally for nearly identical single lines and not only vertically. I think, the main problem here is that an automatical horizontal scrolling is only possible if a SINGLE line in both files exist which has at least 1 difference. If a block difference exist, an automatic horizontal scrolling could be problematic.

However, write a feature request email to IDM support for an automatical horizontal centering of a difference in a sinle long line. I (Mofi) support this feature request.
Best regards from Austria
I have used a program called ztree (decendent of xtree) since about 1991. I has a very simple compare program integrated with it called Tadzio's File Compare. It is very basic, and dates back to the 1990's.

It has this function, where just the changed part of a long line is highlighted.

Too bad for a "sophisitcated modern" program.

I often have this need in connection with mysql dump files.
Did you know that since v4.10 UltraCompare can wrap long lines?

No, I too till today. I have always updated my UC since v3.50 after release of a new version, but it looks like since at least v4.00 the default menu and toolbar is not updated automatically at first run of the new UC version.

So there is a new command Toggle Word-Wrap in menu View and on the Main toolbar, but all users who just updated and not completely uninstalled and reinstalled UC will not see it.

To force UltraCompare to update/recreate the default menu and toolbar configuration files delete following 2 files while no UltraCompare instance is running:


%appdata% is a user specific environment variable and contains something like

C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data

You can also delete ucomp32.kbd which contains the key mapping if you have not modified it and want to update also the default key mapping.

Then start UltraCompare and the default menu and toolbar shows all the new functions available since UE v4.00.

UCCmds32.cmf contains the toolbar commands. UCMNCmds32.mcf contains the menu commands and names.

Another method to update the menu and toolbars (not the key mapping) is to do following:

Click in menu Options on Configuration.
Go to Toolbars / Menus - Management and click on button Manage Toolbars.
Select Default and press button Reset.
Close the dialog and do the same with Manage Menus.

The key mapping can be also reset to Default in the key mapping configuration dialog.

Edited on 2007-06-10: The "official" method from within UltraCompare sent to me per email by IDM support is not working as I have detected now with a test. So the method with deleting the files must be used at the moment (UC 5.00+2).
Best regards from Austria
Thanks! That's a great help!
Last time I upgraded I took the option to recreate the menus. So I see the Toggle Word Wrap now.

Regarding Toggle Word Wrap -- yes this function is useful, and in fact I have used it.

But for a long line F3 Next Difference seems to only jump to the whole line, and not position the screen to the next difference within the line.

That would be helpful.
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