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FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and SSH/telnet console issues
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Hi everyone,

Using UE 12.10.
Is there a way to have the FTP tree display all folders like the local drives? Whenever a FTP folder is opened, it becomes the top level of the FTP tree.

Or is this a fix to the slow ftp problem?

I'd like that in there, too. If the FTP browser behaved more like the local file browser, I could ditch WebDrive.

Speaking of which, the local file browser needs one huge improvement too I think: displaying drive labels. I have about six drives (including mounted FTP sites) and trying to find my way around has been pretty much a guessing game.
I have this same problem in UltraEdit The file tree was working as expected for years. Then I had to make a change to the server name on my ftp account and the file tree started to collapse for FTP. The trees for files local to my computer still works normally. This is really annoying and pretty much makes UltraEdit unusable for me. Please help!
Such issues should be better reported by email to IDM support as most likely temporary access to FTP server is needed to analyze the problem, and public sharing of the access data is definitely not wanted by anybody. Or at least the FTP log needs to be exchanged with IDM to perhaps find out the reason for this issue.
Best regards from Austria
I contacted IDM support and received a reply. It was a really simple fix:

When working with your FTP account in the Explorer pane of the File View, right click the FTP server name to bring up the context menu. In the context menu there is an option 'Show Current Directory Only'. This needs to be unchecked and the File Tree will list your files/folders how you are expecting them to be listed.

You may need to collapse and expand the account listing to see the change take effect.
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