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Two- and three-way text compare and merge issues.
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I have both UE and UC, and was wondering if there was a way to see what line and column I am on in the selected document during a compare in UC. I don't want to compare to files then have to find the exact location in those files in UE. I just want to find the line and column while I am making the comparison in UC.

I would specifically use the column location more then the line location, but both would be helpful.


In UltraCompare activate View - Show Line Numbers.

In UltraEdit you can also activate View - Display Line Numbers. In UltraEdit you must have NOT checked the configuration option Disable line numbers at Configuration - Editor Display - Miscellaneous.

As long as the configuration setting is not enabled you can see always in UltraEdit the current line and column number in the status bar at bottom of the UltraEdit window: Ln x, Col y, Cz = line, column, clipboard.

UltraCompare will not show you the line or column number in the status bar because it uses it for compare infos. It is mainly a compare tool and not an editor.

By the way: UltraCompare Professional allows inline editing and so there is often no really need to open the file(s) in UltraEdit or UEStudio.
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That is what my researching had shown, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I am using mainly UE and UC to view data that is positional. So the data that starts in column 34 corresponds with the field for the data in an additional mapping program.

It would just be useful, while I was comparing the output files and I see an opportunity, to click on the data and have it show the column the data is on. It would be easier to then reference back to my application data in my mapper program to see what field is supposed to be at that location.

I appreciate the assistance and knowledge.

Thank you,

Swiss, maybe good news for you: UltraCompare v5.00 shows now also the line and column number of the cursor in the active frame in the status bar like UltraEdit.
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