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I'm new to UltraEdit and am loving what I'm seeing thus far. I've been long searching for an application like this, and want it to work for me.

One thing that is aggravating me (albeit a very small thing) is that there is no shortcut to save the current file remotely to its remote equivalent. In other words, I have created a project whose folders are linked to an FTP account, and would like a shortcut that allows me to save the current file to the remote account. The only way I see to do this now is to right-click the file in the project view and go "upload to server." This isn't so bad unless you're doing it hundreds of times a day (which I am). Is there a way to make a shortcut for this?


Hi impostal22,

you can modify your toolbar throught the Advanced/Configuration/Toolbars Menus dialog to add the buttons to it for the FTP open, save as and FTP browse. This way it's only a click of a button away rather than going through the menus each time. I've done this as I use the FTP facility a fair bit too.


fgeurts -

Thanks for the reply! Not exactly what I'm looking for, though. My project is literally linked to an FTP location.

This means I'm working on local files that UltraEdit knows where they are on an FTP server. So I can right-click a file in the project view and go "Upload to Server" and it will do so without me needing to tell it where on the server it needs to go.

There are two issues (and they're very minor):

  1. I have to right-click the file and tell it to upload every time. I want a shortcut to do this. I was surprised to see there's nothing in the macro or script support that does this.

  2. I have to click "OK" on the dialog box that comes up and tells me the FTP transfer is complete. This thing needs to close automatically or just not display at all.
Do you or does anyone else know how to do these things?
This is exactly what I am missing too. Is there any way to set up a macro/script for doing this?
I too would love to know how to do this. I'm presently evaluating UES after trying numerous other "language" specific editors (PHPEd, ActiveState Komodo, etc). I've found that something as simple as a remote upload or publishing feature to be surprisingly overlooked. With Komodo I had to externally invoke rsync to handle the upload.

UES handles up/down-loads nicely but having a shortcut on the editor tab context menu or somewhere on the main toolbar would be "icing on the cake". I typically can have numerous files open at the same time and having to look for the file within the project tree in order to do an upload is a speed bump in my development. It would also be nice to eliminate the upload dialog, or at least have the option to have the window close automatically. I really only need to know if the upload was unsuccessful - not successful. PHPEd uses a transfer log that shows queued uploads/downloads and current status. The transfer log is displayed within one of the editor panes, so at a glance I can determine when my upload(s) are complete. If there isn't a way of handling this in the current release of UES then let this posting be counted amongst the others as a vote to add this as a new feature.
Hi, I need this option too. If I get this feature, then I'll say that UEstudio is the ideal IDE for me.
Right now it is perfect, it is far better than other candidates, but without this option it is not ideal.
Lack of shortcut for this feature is a massive time killer, and there's no way to make a macro or bind it any other way. Can you please make this little request come true?
kirill, as stated at top of this page posting a request in the user-to-user forum will not have much effect on future versions of UltraEdit.

Forum member caveatrob has posted at More AHK Goodness - show list of project files an Autohotkey script to execute quickly with a hotkey a popmenu menu command of the Project tab in File Tree view.

I don't know the syntax of Autohotkey commands and therefore can't offer a working Autohotkey script to execute command Upload to server. It looks like the second value on PostMessage line is the internal identification (resource) number of the command. Command Upload to server has 33399 as identification number (currently in UE v18.00.0.1034). Perhaps caveatrob or another user with experience on writing Autohotkey scripts can help writing a little Autohotkey script as workaround based on existing template.
Thanks, I'll look into AHK. I'd gladly post this as a feature request. Pretty basic, it amazes me how they missed it, to be honest.
It's been 5 years, any update regarding this feature request? It shouldn't be that hard to implement right?
newbro, for IDM Computer Solutions it does not matter when an enhancement was requested, but how many users requested a specific enhancement by email to IDM support. Well, number of users is not 100% correct. Number of licenses represented by the users requesting an enhancement is 100% correct. It's the relationship between supply and demand.

As far as I know the commands to upload/download a single project file or multiple files of a project folder to/from server are still available only as context menu commands of the project tree class and not as global commands of general application class. For details see How to upload single file of "FTP Connected Folder" in a project with UE v24.00? Making member functions of a specific class with reduced member data executable via a context menu available globally from main application class is not as easy as people with no experience in object based GUI programming think. But it is of course possible with lots of extra code.
Best regards from Austria
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