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Project, workspace, and file management issues
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Is there a way to make each workspace imply its own default file open directory?

I'm running 13.00a, multiple instances (one per workspace), and I'm concerned with the file open that can be called up from file menu, not the one from project management menu, since I don't use "projects".

I open up my workspaces by running a link to .prj files that are located where (most of) my source files are for the given project. The link has its "Start in" directory set to where I want to (mentally) be: with related source files.

I've tried multiple obvious things:
- project root directory = no difference
- File handling / load / Use active file... ON and OFF = no difference

I would simply like that one workspace doesn't know what I'm doing in another workspace. It seems like they share the data of where I was last browsing for some files.

Am I unique in this need? Is there another way to work with multiple projects/workspaces that UE supports better?

I'd appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.
- Vguy.
I have a similar configuration because my HTML projects need significant other settings as my 'C' projects. The solution is to use multiple INIs. Best simply use DOS command

copy uedit32.* workspace.*

in the directory where you have uedit32.ini. Modify the shortcut not to open the *.prj file, but use /i="path to workspace.ini\workspace.ini".

Now you have different INIs each with their own search and file history, with their own settings like default open and save directory which are now specific to each workspace.

You should additionally enable Reload files previously open on startup in the File Handling - Load configuration dialog. Then with starting UE with the workspace INI also the project/workspace file will be automatically loaded and this will load all other open files of the workspace.

Note: When you edit for example a hotkey assignment in one of the configurations and you want that in all other too, you have to copy the modified *.uek over the existing other *.uek. Also other setting changes made in one configuration which should be applied to all configurations must be done in all other configurations too (using for example Replac In Files).
Best regards from Austria
Thanks a lot Mofi.
If this is the setup that you yourself use, then I guess there is nothing simpler. :?
If I understood this correctly, I end up with 5 extra files in each of my project directories:

uedit32.ini (optionally renamed to workspace.ini),
uedit32.mnu (optionally renamed to workspace.mnu),
uedit32.pmu (optionally renamed to workspace.pmu),
uedit32.tbr (optionally renamed to workspace.tbr),
plus an optional project file (ex: workspace.prj) so that the last window layout is recalled,
plus a shortcut: "C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit-32\uedit32.exe" /i="C:\projects\X-57\jetengine\compressor\workspace.ini"
on desktop, as is my preference.

A bit heavy to setup but so far so good. I'll give this a try for a while.

An idea for IDM: Why not allow any configuration statement from UEDIT32.INI to be optionally specified in *.PRJ with the latter having priority?

With regards - vguy
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