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Building, compiling, or debugging issues
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Is there a linker additional library directory path (like there is an include additional directory path for the compiler) for the VS 2005 compiler/linker?

Thanks from a newbie.
I don't have installed or use Visual Studio 2005 (or any other Visual Studio) and so I can't only tell you what maybe works after reading some documentations.

First I know that nearly all compilers and linkers support environment variables and so I made a quick search with google and found the page LINK Environment Variables on the MSDN website of Microsoft. I think, the environment variable LIB is for interest of you.

Next I know that it is possible to specify environment variables for a compiler or workspace/project.

  • Open Build - Select Compiler.
  • Choose the kind of Visual Studio 2005 compiler you need, for example Visual C++ Compiler - Windows Application.
  • Click on button Edit Configuration.
  • Scroll down in the right window to Environment.
  • You see in this section already the environment variable LIB. Add the library paths you need.
  • Save the configuration local or global.
Maybe also working is when you click on Build - Set Compiler Options, scroll down to the Linker - General section and modify Libraries = by adding additional libraries with full path.

I hope, this helps. I don't know if anything above really works.
Best regards from Austria
Thanks. That does work.

Regards from New Orleans. :D
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