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I just installed Subversion in order to use version control in Altium Designer which has a version control interface built in. That interface created a repository for me, and I can link my projects to the repository where a window comes up and gives me the option to make a subdirectory in the repository for the project, and then for each file in the project I can select add to version control......

I wasn't required to intimately learn the details of how Subversion works....

So now that I have a version control system installed, how about using it for my software?? I looked up Subversion in the help menu, and it looks like UES has an interface for Subversion....Great!!

I put a check in the checkbox for version control support, and found the account settings in the project settings, and made an accout name and entered the location of my repository using file for the protocol. I left the rest of the fields blank, because I didn't need to specify those settings when creating the repository in Altium.

There is an * next to the account name, and I'm guessing that this means that the account is not working properly.....

I saw on this forum that a reboot may be necessary, but that didn't change anything....

In the server setting, do I enter the location of the executable svn.exe file? or the location of the svnadmin.exe file? or something else??


I know this reply is late, but I just saw your post....

Chances are, the * means that this is the default account, not that it's broken.

Hope That Helps.
I posted some instructions for setting up and using SVN with UltraEdit Studio on the tools page of my web site,
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