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I just download the trial version of UEStudio '06 and try the CVS function with the server in my company.
I think the first step is adding a new VCS Account in 'Version Control Account Manager", but after I input all account setting and press 'Apply', all Added Accounts will be removed.
Is it the limitation of trial version?

No, the trial version has no limitation. I can't help you further because I have never used VCS or any other version control system.

Have you used the forum search and searched for VCS?

There is also the power tip Configuring VCS with UEStudio which might help you.
Best regards from Austria
Hello all,

I have the same problem, with latest version of UEStudio. Actually the strange thing that worries me is that I actually don't have "OK" button but "Apply".

EDIT: Finally I could test and found out it is related to Win64, at least on my side.
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